The best way to learn what Phoenix LiveView can do is to see it in action

You’ll learn how LiveView works under the hood, what’s on the wire, and have a solid understanding of the programming model. Nothing is left behind the scenes as “magic.”

The real-life examples explore how LiveView solves all sorts of common UI challenges. By seeing LiveView used in many diverse situations, you’ll quickly build up a strong intuition for when and how to use it.

For Phoenix developers who want to improve their apps (and their lives!), there isn’t a tool more important right now than LiveView!

LiveView enables you to build Phoenix apps with interactive, real-time user experiences without writing JavaScript. The results are dramatic and game-changing:

  • both client and server in sync, always and seamlessly
  • persistent connections highly-optimized for web scale
  • robust and resilient UIs so you can rock and roll
  • a unified code base to ease maintenance
  • no custom JavaScript or external dependencies

Oh yeah, and LiveView also has a simple (almost addictive) programming model which makes it a really fun library to use.

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